Radical Resilience

Radical Resilience is designed to help people:

  • Get moving forward when they’re feeling stuck. This can include letting go of the past and allowing themselves to stop overanalyzing. 
  • Navigate their daily lives more effectively and deal with daily adversities.
  • Get back on track when they find themselves derailed by a situation.
  • Go further and accomplish more than they might have initially anticipated. This allows people to explore a higher calling and/or deeper meaning

Customized Workshop
(ideal for companies, teams or associations)


I will work with you to ensure that the workshop is tailored to meet the specific needs of your staff, team or members. You will be provided with a survey to help me better understand the issues faced by your group.

Following the completion of the survey, we will schedule a discussion to allow me to ask more detailed questions and develop customized examples that will be used throughout the workshop so the information presented is immediately relevant and useful to your audience.

The workshop involves interactive work (role-playing) among participants to put the learning into practice and allow for greater understanding and confidence with the material.

Includes handout material for greater retention and continued learning.

While Radical Resilience is the general theme of the workshops, they are often given under different names depending on the situation. Eg:

  • Radical Resilience
  • Resilience for the Road of Life
  • Staying Resilient at Work & at Home


For specific details about workshop contents and cost, please contact Patrick’s manager, via the button below.

Workshops are offered in full day (6 hours) and half-day (3-hours) options.  

The typical timeframe is 09h00 – 12h00 and/or 13h00 – 16h00.