Book: What's Your Expiry Date?


At the age of 18, Patrick Mathieu learned from his cardiologist that he was already past middle age.

In time, he turned his death sentence into an early wake-up call. But not before facing the ultimate reality: We are all mortal.

With piercing honesty & insight, Patrick shares his Mortality Manifesto, reveals the true Power of Mortality, and shows you how to embrace the Mortality Mindset. 

Patrick’s first book, What’s Your Expiry Date? Embrace Your Mortality – Live With Vitality was published in 2005 (hardcover format -ISBN 978-0973806403) and received very strong reviews.

The book has helped and inspired thousands of people around the world. Dr. Oz featured Patrick and What’s Your Expiry Date? in an hour-long interview on Oprah & Friends.

In 2010, What’s Your Expiry Date? was released as an ebook.

This is a wonderful book…A very empowering story. Patrick reminds us of why we are alive, reinforcing the importance of taking advantage of every moment we are on this planet.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

host of The Dr. Oz Show

Fabulous! A new perspective on the greatest gift of all. Let Patrick walk you to the edge and back again, so that you might begin using your wings before you have to. What’s Your Expiry Date? is as thought provoking as it is inspirational.

Mike Dooley

featured teacher from The Secret and author of Notes From The Universe

Patrick Mathieu’s wisdom is given weight by his unusual story and his awareness from a young age of his own mortality. What’s Your Expiry Date? invites and challenges us to ponder the choices we might make if we could simply remain conscious of the certainty of our own mortality and the preciousness of life.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

author of The Invitation and What We Ache For

What’s Your Expiry Date? contains much wisdom. When we accept our mortality and live our true life — we save our life. What is there to fear when you accept your mortality? If you live in your heart, as if you had 15 minutes to live…magic happens.

Dr. Bernie Siegel

physician, professor and bestselling author

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The hardcover version of the book is currently out of print. The ebook version of What’s Your Expiry Date? Embrace Your Mortality – Live With Vitality is available for $4.99 for the following platforms:

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