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Patrick Mathieu believes that his mission in life is to help people own their lives and live like they matter.

  • Motivational keynote speaker since 2003
  • Featured in a full-length documentary film
  • Appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including an hour-long interview on Oprah & Friends.


Fun fact: Patrick does amateur stand-up comedy in Montréal.

He graduated from McGill University and spent a decade in information security sales. One day he realized he had a personal message to deliver that had the potential to impact people’s lives far more than any IT product ever could.

Patrick was born with Congenital Heart Disease, which means that his heart formed incorrectly. On paper, the doctors classify it as “complex cardiac anatomy” and the detailed medical description continues for four paragraphs.

What happened next is best described in Patrick’s own words:

When I was eighteen years old, a cardiologist told me that he and his team hoped that I would live to be 30 years old!

In time, I transformed this diagnosis from a death sentence to a call to action.

It took six long and difficult years to come to terms with the news that his life was more than half over. But accepting and embracing his own mortality left Patrick a changed person. That’s when he discovered the Power of Mortality™.

Patrick took the numerals of his 30th birthday, converted them into a barcode, and had it tattooed on his arm where it serves as a daily reminder to live in the present moment.

Then, in October of 2006, Patrick was given the opportunity to put this philosophy to the test when he suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA – also called “mini-stroke”) which left him hospitalized for a week. Although there were no lingering effects, Patrick saw this experience as a wonderful “fire drill” for his life – a test that completely validated his life’s work with The Power of Mortality™.

What's Your Expiry Date?As an award-winning motivational speaker and author, Patrick shares his Mortality Mindset and shows audiences the way to a new and vibrant outlook on life. His first book What’s Your Expiry Date? Embrace Your Mortality – Live With Vitality has received widespread acclaim and has helped thousands of people to change their lives for the better. He became a certified life and business coach in 2008 and spent over a decade training and certifying other coaches for an international coaching organization.

Patrick believes very strongly in the importance of nurturing young people to become leaders for tomorrow. This conviction fueled his four-year involvement with the In-School Mentoring program through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel. During this time, Patrick was selected as In-School Mentor of the Year and was nominated by Big Brothers of Peel as Mississauga Volunteer of the Year. He was the founding president of the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance.

Today he is 51 years old, lives in Montréal and enjoys life with his two children.

Patrick Mathieu Stand-Up Comedian